BIM Technology Modeling

With our clients ranging from architects, engineers, to contractors, we are used to work with precise specifications – our BIM models are tailored to incorporate data and fabrication level detail get started with a professional BIM service.

Our Services

BIM Modeling Service

Our team of dedicated BIM modelers have experience creating 3D structures on Revit, ArchiCAD and cype 3D Zero. 

VR-Virtual Reality Service.

Digital Rendering Studio is comprised of talented Architect, designers and illustrators versed in digital artwork and animated videos.

Video Production & 3D Animation

By offering 3D Animation and VR (virtual reality) services, our projects come to life before they have even broken ground.

BIM Consulting

Our experienced BIM Consulting team has many combined years of experience on advanced technology.

MEP BIM Modeling

Our group of experienced Fabrication CADmep modelers have experience modeling pipes, ducts, and equipment in CADmep.

BIM Clash Detection

Digitalamd counts on a team of skilled BIM clash detection consultants with extensive experience on a variety of tools.

BIM Execution Plan

The experienced minds at Digitalamd have years of in-depth experience developing BIM capabilities for our clients.

What is BIM?

Is the process of generation and management of data of a building during its life cycle2 using dynamic software of modeling of buildings in three dimensions and in real time, to reduce the loss of time and resources in design and construction.


The BIM clash detection services have saved me thousands of dollars in errors and helped me improve my construction designs before committing them.

Ronald Jimenez

BIM bring great opportunities to the construction market, now we can show our clients the apartments we sell before building them.

Perla marina

When you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations. When you innovate, you make mistakes

Antony contreras

We use a combination of software and tools to deliver results to our customers.

We are a rapidly growing BIM organization of architecture and Virtual Engineering that offers a range of BIM Technology services.

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